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LiveTube turns 3.5 billion people into live cameramen

LiveTube is the world’s first app connecting 3.5 billion smartphone users with a newsroom for their live videos.
Over 1000 professional journalists choose your live video, monitor, and distribute the content in real-time.
And of course, you can make money with your live stream!


You are the reporter

Go Live and Earn Money with your smartphone

Join us to show the world what’s going on. With LiveTube you are the reporter and you can make money with your live stream. Download the LiveTube app and Go Live from your mobile. We pay you for your live stream and push your story out globally. Try it out today! The LiveTube app is free and allows you to send us your story with just some clicks. And no worries – there is always someone on the other side to guide you during the entire process!

A step by step guide

How can I Go Live | How does it work?

Make Money Live Streaming

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We publish your story around the globe

You Make the News!

Our producers will make sure that your story gets the maximum attention and number of viewers around the world. We alert broadcaster and news outlets in realtime through a dedicated media platform. We push your story to all major social networks LIVE, and alert our LiveTube community. A real-time money counter shows you exactly how much money you will make with the story.  Your producer will guide you throughout the entire filming and will also make sure that not only the content but also you are safe at all times.

Different from Facebook LIVE | Instagram | Twitch | Periscope

Controlled, Curated, Safe

Our journalistic principles

Safety First

Safety first | We take the safety of all LiveTubers seriously. If in doubt, we ask them to stop filming, to get to a safe place, and if needed to help others first. See dedicated Guidelines for LiveTubers.


LiveTube is about showing the world what’s going on. We describe pictures and what is happening but we don’t comment or express opinions. We add additional comments or information only when we receive it from trusted sources and after our own additional internal checks. For this reason, LiveTube comes without any chat or commenting functions for the audience in order to control the messaging and to prevent any fake news, hate, or racist content. All descriptions come from the LiveTube newsroom team.

No Fake News

We check every piece of content before we start a live broadcast and monitor the content until it is finished. We even delay our live streams by 30 seconds so that our producers can intervene whenever needed.

Strict Rules

All LiveTube content needs to follow the strict LiveTube Rules. Every user must register and verify both email-address and their mobile number. In order to GO LIVE as a reporter, users have to provide their real-time location data.


We decline many more stories than we broadcast. To ensure the highest standard of quality all of our producers are professional journalists.


Good content is valuable. At LiveTube we pay our reporters for their live filming.

Quality | We decline many more stories than we broadcast. To ensure the highest standard of quality all of our producers are professional journalists.

Patents and Trademarks
Producers (end 2021)

In order to watch LiveTube you need to download the LiveTube app. Members of the press have access to all content for their news programs.

Should you rather prefer not to use the app, then you can always follow the LiveTube social channels where we publish LIVE alerts, breaking news, and some of our highlights. Other than with CNN, FOX News, CBS News, or other networks, LiveTubers start streaming before the news is even out. Go Live and make the news!

Follow LiveTube for real-time alerts and breaking news:

You can download the LiveTube app free of charge.  Become a paid LIVE reporter, watch LIVE Breaking News and make money live streaming. The app comes in English, German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Spanish.


For urgent requests, you can head over to our MediaHub directly. One of our producers will make sure to get you approved. The MediaHub offers direct access to our livestreams and recordings for your free usage.


How can I use LiveTube Content?

You can share LiveTube content to your social profiles and with your friends directly from the app. However, you can not download our content, This is for legal reasons and because we pay our LiveTubers for their stories. Sometimes we might share our content on the LiveTube social channels.

Free access for members of the media

Members of the press and media can visit the dedicated media page, where we explain how they can get free access to LiveTube content.

If you are a celebrity, artist, professional musician, famous rock climber, social influencer, or in any other way recognized by the public for a unique skill, then we should talk. We are especially interested in people who are working regularly in public space and who serve large audiences. If you are connected to large events or topics of interest, e.g. paparazzi, blogger, or talent agent – we want to hear from you. Everyone can suggest and request LiveTubes as well.

If you are a corporate, a public club, a charity, or just a great team with an amazing story to tell, then let’s bring you on LiveTube. We are especially looking for behind the scenes stories – a real sneak peek into the never before seen – and this is all live as a global series. Explore the potentials in a story brainstorm with our producers.  Or you might want to advertise with us. We offer a protected environment for your important brand assets and key messaging.

Haven’t found what you were looking for?
No problem at all. 

First check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) or head over to our general help portal. You can also get in touch with one of our producers via LIVE chat.

Alternatively, you can visit the official LiveTube support forum, where you can find tips and tricks, answers to frequently asked questions, and expert help on all topics.

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Join our LiveForum community to discuss everything on live content, breaking news, live storytelling, and how you can make money live streaming. Share ideas, news on gadgets, and hear from our producers when we look for stories or reporters, and when you can make money. In our LiveBlog, we share the latest news on LiveTube and the news media industry.

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