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Premise, which uses gig workers to crowdsource intel for clients, denies working for Russia and says it is working for the US and a European country in Ukraine (Louise Matsakis/NBC News)


Ian Sherr / CNET: Apple ‘Peek Performance’ Event is March 8. How to Watch the Livestream and What to Expect

Rob Lenihan / TheStreet: Apple Makes a Big Announcement That Can Boost Its Revenues

Kif Leswing / CNBC: Apple announces March 8 event; low-cost 5G iPhone and new iPad expected

Zac Hall / 9to5Mac: [Update: Event date] Everything we know about the iPad Air 5 so far

Livemint: iPhone SE price slashed on Flipkart. Here’s how to get it for just INR15,499

Mark Gurman / Bloomberg: Apple Confirms Plans for March 8 Event; 5G iPhone SE Expected

Jason Snell / Six Colors: Apple has “peeked” my interest in its March 8 event

Heedo Abu Laban / Appleosophy: Breaking News: Apple Announces ‘Peek Performance’ Spring Event

Macworld: Here’s what Apple might give us a ‘Peek’ at on March 8

Tristan Rayner / Android Authority: Daily Authority: ? Apple Event incoming

Jordan Parker Erb / Insider: 10 Things in Tech: Amazon store closures

Vish Gain / Silicon Republic: Apple may launch a budget 5G iPhone at its upcoming event

Mat Smith / Engadget: The Morning After: Apple’s next event could mark the return of the iPhone SE

Chris Matyszczyk / ZDNet: In 15 seconds, Apple created a whole world of intrigue

Ali Salman / Wccftech: Apple Ramping mini-LED Display Supply for 2022 Devices

Chance Miller / 9to5Mac: Apple officially announces March 8 event: ‘Peek performance’

Sheena Vasani / The Verge: Apple officially announces ‘Peek Performance’ March 8th event

John Gruber / Daring Fireball: ‘Peek Performance’ — Apple Event Next Tuesday

Alex Atkin / MSPoweruser: Apple announces March 8th event promising “peek performance”

Tom Pritchard / Tom’s Guide: Apple event teaser hints that the VR/AR headset could be coming

Lance Ulanoff / TechRadar: Stop everything, Apple exec’s tweet might’ve been an Apple VR Glasses demo

Philip Elmer-DeWitt / Philip Elmer-DeWitt: Gene Munster: Apple product lead times halved

Steve Vegvari / iPhone in Canada Blog: New Twitter Hashflag Goes Live Ahead of Apple’s March 8 Event

Juli Clover / WRAL TechWire: What’s Apple unveiling at media event March 8? MacRumors has the scoop

Maria Deutscher / SiliconANGLE: Apple announces March 8 event where new iPhone SE could debut

Chris Smith / Trusted Reviews: Apple Event: March 8 confirmed for launch – iPhone SE 5G, new Mac and iPad expected

Rosie Perper / HYPEBEAST: Apple To Host “Peek Performance” Event on March 8

Arif Bacchus / Apple’s next event is on March 8: Possible new 5G iPad Air & at least one new Mac Apple Announces New ‘Peek Performance’ Event On March 8, Here’s What To Expect

Philip Elmer-DeWitt / Philip Elmer-DeWitt: Apple investors: Mark your calendars for 3/8/22

Digital Photography Review: Apple confirms product launch event for March 8


Greg Joswiak / @gregjoz: Peek performance. March 8th. See you there. #AppleEvent

Parker Ortolani / @parkerortolani: Apple is using a different “.reality” file format for the event teaser this time…

Mark Gurman / @markgurman: For those looking for tea leaves in the invitation, though, the invites typically do give a pretty clear hint at what’s to come. Peek performance clearly = 5G for the iPhone SE, new Macs with Apple Silicon and iPad Air with an A15.

Federico Viticci / @viticci: Apple event confirmed. March 8th, 10 AM PST. Peak performance!…

Joanna Stern / @joannastern: March 8 for the M2? Apple event invites are out.…

Sascha C-Band / @saschasegan: @greengart @Apple I love that they aren’t in person any more. Those events were always a middle-school-birthday-party nightmare of who’s invited and who isn’t, and the playing field is now level.

Luke Miani / @lukemiani: I feel like iPhone SE with A15 and 5G, iPad Air with A15 and 5G, and either a new M1 Pro Mac mini or even M2 chip reveal wouldn’t really be ‘Peek Performance’ idk… I feel like there’s something significant there

Dwight Silverman / @dsilverman: Yes, there will be lots of new shiny-shiny, but how will @tim_cook address the invasion of Ukraine, and Apple’s decision to quit selling products in Russia? Apple Event Announced for March 8: ‘Peek Performance’

Chance Miller / @chancehmiller: Now seems clear that Apple did not want to announce an event on the same day it announced its actions in Russia.…

Joe Rossignol / @rsgnl: I love how the Apple community spent the last 24 hours speculating about the March 8 event, myself included. In the end, Apple simply announced the event six days beforehand, just like its last event. Mark stayed quiet and was right all along ?…

Noah Evans / @thisisnoahevans: Take a peek through Apple Glass ?? #AppleEvent…

Sami Fathi / @samifathi_: As we all analyze the “Peek performance” #AppleEvent invitation, it’s worth pointing out that @Apple likes to trick and play with us. Don’t read so deeply into things.…

Ishan Agarwal / @ishanagarwal24: Apple releases invite for an ? Apple Event “Peek Performance” on March 8 ? Expected products: – iPhone SE 5G (3rd Generation) – iPad Air (5th Generation) maybe – new M2 Mac mini/MacBook Air (since performance?) ???? ? 11:30PM IST/6PM GMT #AppleEvent…

Joe Rossignol / @rsgnl: I still don’t think we’re going to get the M2 at this event. Simply doesn’t make sense to me until Apple has finished rolling out all Macs with M1 Pro/M1 Max. But anything is possible…

Vadim Yuryev / @vadimyuryev: Pretty cool hashflag this time around! #AppleEvent SERIOUSLY can’t wait for next week!

Avi Greengart / @greengart: I don’t think we’re going to see @Apple launch AR wearables yet, but @gregjoz is sure having fun teasing us…

Tyler Stalman / @stalman: I want this apple design on the back of my next MacBook…

Mark Gurman / @markgurman: Don’t want to be that guy — but Apple has included an AR logo in the announcement for every virtual Apple event since Sept 2020. It means nothing in relation to an Apple AR/VR headset (not coming until end of the year at the earliest) or AR glasses (not coming for 2-4 years).

Marc Blank-Settle / @marcsettle: Much as Apple does some great things, this will only encourage some people to think that “peek” is correctly spelled here. ?…

Hartley Charlton / @hartleycharlton: It’s official, the #AppleEvent that doesn’t seem like it should be a whole #AppleEvent. Time will tell if Apple does have something really showstopping up its sleeve for “Peek performance” after all……

@filipeesposito: Anything is possible, but don’t expect to see M2 Macs at next week’s event. There are still three Intel-based Macs in the lineup waiting for Apple Silicon.…

Joe Rossignol / @rsgnl: Peek performance… aka, take a peek at the peak performance of the A15 chip in the new iPhone SE and iPad Air models, along with the M1 Pro/M1 Max chips in at least one new Mac probably.…

Mark Gurman / @markgurman: Apple confirms March 8 event: Peek performance.…

@jonporty: Peek (verb): look quickly or furtively not Peak (verb): reach a highest point, either of a specified value or at a specified time…

David Pierce / @pierce: Apple event next week! My predictions: – A new iPad with a 1.5-inch screen, called the iPad Shuffle – The fastest webcam you’ve ever seen in your LIFE – A 51-inch iMac – Apple bought Netflix and Tesla and AMC, Apple-branded drive-in movies coming soon…

Chance Miller / @chancehmiller: The peak vs peek spelling here really threw me off and I apologize for the initial typo…

Marcin Krzyzanowski / @krzyzanowskim: M1ProMax2S confirmed…

Marques Brownlee / @mkbhd: Apple event. Match 8th. Apple Silicon.…

Jon Prosser / @jon_prosser: THE MAD LAD DID IT…

Ian Sherr / @iansherr: It’s happening — Apple event confirmed for March 8, 10am PT…

Parker Ortolani / @parkerortolani: really hope that rainbow logo design is hinting at the colorful M2 MacBook Air……


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