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Research: Australian startups raised ~$7.3B+ in 682 deals in 2021, up from ~$2.3B in 2020; 19% of investments went to startups with at least one female founder (Nick Bonyhady/Sydney Morning Herald)


Brian Fung / CNN: Apple suspends all product sales in Russia

Kif Leswing / CNBC: Apple halts product sales in Russia

Sarah Emerson / BuzzFeed News: Apple Halted All Product Sales In Russia And Disabled Maps Features In Ukraine

Media Manipulation Casebook: Tracking Social Media Takedowns and Content Moderation During the 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Tim Higgins / Wall Street Journal: Apple Says It Has Stopped All Product Sales in Russia

Sara Fischer / Axios: Apple halts product sales in Russia

Ian Sherr / CNET: Apple Stops Selling Products in Russia, Limits App Store, Apple Pay and Maps

Brian Heater / TechCrunch: Apple halts product sales in Russia following Ukraine invasion

Mitchell Clark / The Verge: Apple halts product sales in Russia

The Verge: Read Tim Cook’s email to employees on Ukraine

Bobby Allyn / NPR: Apple pauses sales in Russia and stops all exports

Associated Press: Big tech grapples with Russian state media, propaganda

Amber Neely / AppleInsider: Tim Cook emails employees, encourages donating to relief efforts in Ukraine

Charlesarthur / The Overspill: Start Up No.1747: Apple halts Russian sales, Russians buy crypto, the missing cyberwar, “yes, Putin would ?”, convoy tracking, and more

Washington Post: Apple pauses all product sales in Russia, citing concern for Ukraine

Gareth Corfield / The Register: Second data-wiping malware found in Ukraine, says ESET

Benjamin Mayo / 9to5Mac: Apple halts all sales in Russian online store as Ukraine invasion continues

South China Morning Post: Apple halts product sales in Russia after Ukraine invasion

Matthew Gault / VICE: Apple Will Stop Selling Products in Russia

Philip Elmer-DeWitt / Philip Elmer-DeWitt: What Apple said about doing business in Russia

Lauren Goode / Wired: Apple Stops Sales in Russia–and Takes a Rare Stand

Stephen Nellis / The Information: Apple halts product sales in Russia after Ukraine invasion

Bloomberg: Apple, Nike and Hollywood Spurn Russia, Further Isolating Putin

Breck Dumas / Fox Business: Apple halts sales in Russia over Ukraine invasion

Andrew Cunningham / Ars Technica: Microsoft identifies and mitigates new malware targeting Ukraine “within 3 hours”

Kellen Browning / New York Times: Apple pauses sales of its products in Russia.

Roland Li / San Francisco Chronicle: Apple pauses Russian product sales as tech industry responds to Ukraine invasion

Jason Snell / Six Colors: Apple pauses sales in Russia, disables propaganda apps ?

Todd Spangler / Variety: Apple Suspends Product Sales in Russia, Disables Traffic and Live Incidents in Maps for Ukraine

Jessica Guynn / USA Today: Apple stops iPhone, iPad and Mac sales in Russia over invasion of Ukraine

Gary Ng / iPhone in Canada Blog: Apple Stops Product Sales in Russia, Responds to Ukraine Invasion

Brian Fung / WRAL TechWire: Are cyberattacks targeting Ukraine a war crime? Microsoft says could be

Keith Griffith / Reuters: Apple halts ALL sales in Russia: iPhone maker imposes freelance sanctions on the pariah state in move that Ukraine hopes will anger young people and drive more protests against invasion

Maggie Tillman / Pocket-lint: Apple stops all sales of its products in Russia following Ukraine invasion

Evan Selleck / Apple stops product sales from its online store in Russia [Update: Apple confirms, plus more]

Steve Huff / Android Police: Apple freezes product sales and services in Russia

Rahul Srinivas / Digital Trends: You can no longer buy Apple products in Russia

Brigid Kennedy / The Week: Apple halts sales in Russia

Kari Paul / The Guardian: Apple to pause product sales in Russia as tech firms feel pressure over Ukraine

Rajesh Pandey / iPhone Hacks: Apple Pauses Online Sale of Its Products in Russia

BBC: Apple to halt sales and limit services in Russia

Sarah Perez / TechCrunch: Apple pulls Russian state-owned media outlets RT and Sputnik from global App Stores

Janet H. Cho / Barron’s Online: Apple Halts Sales in Russia, Restricts Russian News Sites

Giulia Bottaro / Telegraph: Apple stops selling its products in Russia

The Irish Times: Apple halts sales of iPhone and other products in Russia

Michael Kan / PCMag: Apple Stops Online Product Sales in Russia Over Ukraine Conflict

Mark Spoonauer / Tom’s Guide: Apple stops all product sales in Russia in response to Ukraine war

ABC: Apple, Google and Ford halt product sales in Russia amid Ukraine crisis

Jesse Hollington / iDrop News: Apple Suspends All Russian Product Sales, Disables Some Apple Maps Features in Ukraine for ‘Safety’

Karandeep Oberoi / MobileSyrup: Apple halts sale of its products in Russia amid Ukraine invasion

Levi Sumagaysay / MarketWatch: Apple pauses sales in Russia, adding to Big Tech moves to support Ukraine

Heedo Abu Laban / Appleosophy: Joining Sanctions, Apple Stops Selling iPhones, Other Products in Russia

Kevin Collier / NBC News: Apple to stop selling products in Russia

Financial Times: Apple joins companies pulling back from Russia over Ukraine attack

Jon Fingas / Engadget: Apple halts sales of all products in Russia

Andrew Cunningham / Ars Technica: Apple halts all device sales in Russia in response to invasion of Ukraine

John Gruber / Daring Fireball: Apple Halts All Sales From Its Online Store in Russia

Bogdan Popa / Softpedia News: Apple Suspends All Sales in Russia

Ed Hardy / Cult of Mac: Apple puts its own embargo on Russia

Tom Parker / Reclaim The Net: Apple pauses all product sales in Russia, pulls RT and Sputnik from App Stores outside of Russia

Nikkei Asia: Ukraine latest: Apple halts all product sales in Russia


John Paczkowski / @johnpaczkowski: Apple on #Ukraine: we have disabled both traffic and live incidents in Apple Maps in Ukraine as a safety and precautionary measure for Ukrainian citizens…

John Paczkowski / @johnpaczkowski: “We have paused all product sales in Russia. Last week, we stopped all exports into our sales channel in the country. Apple Pay and other services have been limited. RT News and Sputnik News are no longer available for download from the App Store outside Russia.”…

@fedorovmykhailo: No more @Apple product sales in Russia! Now @tim_cook let’s finish the job and block @AppStore access in Russia. They kill our children, now kill their access!

Dr. Ian Garner / @irgarner: People are not ready for their iPhones to disappear to inflation and sanctions (joke seen in the wild today: “Don’t drop your iPhone, because it’s going to be your last”). People are not ready for hyper-inflation.

Kevin Rothrock / @kevinrothrock: Apple has suspended all sales through its official online store in Russia. For any purchases, the delivery date now shows “currently unavailable.” I guess people returning from the West can always bring new iPhones with them on the pla–OH WAIT…

@fedorovmykhailo: Joint forces of Ukrainian music industry, @mintsyfra and Slukh media appeal to the @AppleMusic and @Spotify leadership. We ask you to allow our artists change their album covers to draw the attention to the bloody war in Ukraine. Let us engage more Russian sane people!…

Runa Sandvik / @runasand: Everybody deserves good security, including access to secure messaging apps in the App Store and all their updates.…

Gene Munster / @munster_gene: Bravo Tim! Apple continues to make the world a better place.

Emil Protalinski / @epro: Apple takes forever to make a move, but when it does, it’s decisive.…

Evan Greer / @evan_greer: they’re still happily censoring apps on behalf of China’s government tho…

Nadine Dorries / @nadinedorries: This is good. Let’s keep up the pressure.…

Andy Swan / @andyswan: Not making a judgement one way or another on this type of “cancelling” activity during war but… I will observe that I have yet to see an article/tweet even mention the possible ways that these kinds of things could backfire, and terribly so.…

Benedict Evans / @benedictevans: As others have pointed out, Apple doesn’t have a problem doing business in China. (It’s always easier to stand on your principles when it’s not 20% of your revenue and most of your manufacturing)

Benedict Evans / @benedictevans: @joristi That’s the second option.

Benedict Evans / @benedictevans: @alexstamos Apple finds it easier to stand on principle when other people’s money is at stake

Mark Scott / @markscott82: 3) they are getting different advice from different govts/regulators in terms of how to respond. 4) there’s also disunity between companies in appropriate response to the war — and a lack of playbook despite previous regional conflicts 5) no one wants to go first, on anything

@joristi: @benedictevans Or because the price of an iPhone dropped $200 overnight ?

Mark Scott / @markscott82: 6) resolve is hardening against Moscow, but concern that too strong action will limit access to companies’ services in Russia 7) that isn’t about making money. The swift sanctions already have taken that off the table.

Benedict Evans / @benedictevans: Wondering if Apple has stopped sales in Russia because it doesn’t want to sell there or because, given FX volatility and banking sanctions, it just can’t sell there.

@macrumors: Apple in a statement said that it is joining those around the world who are calling for peace. The company has also stopped all exports into its sales channel in the Russia, and has disabled traffic and live incidents in Apple Maps in Ukraine as a safety measure.…

Tristan Snell / @tristansnell: Apple has now stopped selling to Russia. Every American company should do the same.

John Scott-Railton / @jsrailton: 3/ Conversations about app privacy & location data risks can be a bit…abstract. Not in #Ukraine. I hope every VIP in Ukraine’s government has carefully assessed what apps are in their pockets. And which countries might be able to have a peek at the data.

Patrick Thornton / @pwthornton: Now Russians will be forced to use shitty Android phones, and, heaven help them, Dell laptops.…

Quinn Nelson / @snazzyq: @stroughtonsmith This assumes Apple’s actions are somehow in support of Ukraine and not just pulling sales in countries that are in financial crisis as they’ve historically done.

Stephen Nellis / @stephennellis: Apple has previously halted some sales in both Russia (2014) and Turkey (2021) due to currency volatility –……

Jacob Silverman / @silvermanjacob: Will Apple stop selling products in Saudi Arabia or any of the other dictatorships where it does business?…

Horace Dediu / @asymco: @ondrazao All Russian developer accounts will be suspended, also by default. There is no way to get money in or out.

@pt: Good call. I also would not want rubles at the moment.…

Steve Troughton-Smith / @stroughtonsmith: For those expecting a keynote announcement today from Apple, it would have been in very poor taste without first responding to the crisis in Ukraine and the part, however small, it plays thereof. I imagine they are free to send out event invites now

Phumzile Van Damme / @zilevandamme: We must not forget the precedents set by Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok and big tech. There are so many brutal dictatorships that could do with sanctions but escape scot-free. This is good PR but bad PR will be when you don’t do same in other parts of the world.…

Neil Cybart / @neilcybart: Tim Cook (in a message to employees) confirms that Apple stopped all exports to Russia. Based on language from the White House (released last week), Apple products would be included within export controls.…

Stephen Nellis / @stephennellis: Apple has halted all product sales in Russia. The move was voluntary – it wasn’t required to do so by U.S. sanctions imposed last week – and is one of the most extraordinary actions taken yet by a U.S. company in response to the invasion of Ukraine – …

Carlton Reid / @carltonreid: The new Russian joke “Don’t drop your iPhone, it’ll be the last you’ll be able to buy here” looks like it might be becoming reality.…

Alex Stamos / @alexstamos: 1) I’m glad they didn’t cut off the App Store, as secure messaging and VPNs are critical to the domestic opposition. 2) Apple has done more for the PRC than any other US tech company has done for any other authoritarian state, and I hope this reopens that decision internally.…

Mark Scott / @markscott82: From discussions with ppl working inside tech companies over last week, a few things have become clear: 1) they were slow to react to uniqueness of war in Ukraine (no, this isn’t another Jan 6) 2) there’s disagreement on how far to go in response to Kremlin, esp on blocking

@thegrugq: @alexstamos Overwhelming public support and a powerful movement to get behind where there’s practically no potential for a negative outcome.

@jason: I’ve always loved the three act play format [brags about his tweet reply to Tim Cook, asking him to stop selling iPhones in Russia]

Steve Troughton-Smith / @stroughtonsmith: @SnazzyQ I wouldn’t expect their discontinuation of product sales to be anything but a financial decision. The other steps they are taking are in support of Ukraine

Neil Cybart / @neilcybart: Here’s the White House on export controls to Russia. “Russia-wide restrictions on sensitive U.S. technologies produced in foreign countries using U.S.-origin software, technology, or equipment.” Broad description. Would seem to include Apple products.……

Alex Stamos / @alexstamos: For example, Chinese dissidents are prevented by Apple’s hardware-rooted DRM from installing secure messengers and VPNs, which is exactly the use case we want in Russia. The PRC is conducting a genocide domestically; what more does Apple need to act?

Alex Kantrowitz / @kantrowitz: Platform power on display…

John Scott-Railton / @jsrailton: 2/ The sheer amount of data emitted from the #Ukraine conflict is mind blowing. Example: all the random apps on folks’ phones, providing location information to god-knows-what-app-developer / data broker. Nice illustration that location data privacy = national security issue.

Daniel Strauss / @danielstrauss4: Time to dust off those Zunes.…

Edward Wong / @ewong: US sanctions on Russia have not focused on consumer goods. But Apple and some other companies are starting to halt their exports.…

Sami Fathi / @samifathi_: ? BREAKING: Tim Cook in an email to @Apple staff comments on #Ukraine and #Russia, saying “I know I speak for everyone at Apple in expressing our concern for all of those affected by the violence,” and adds Apple is donating to relief efforts. Full email here: Tip @Techmeme…

@jamespmcleod: whoa, one of the world’s most powerful governments just imposed sanctions…

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