Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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VIDEO: Elite army unit claims coup in Guinea

An elite army unit has claimed to have ousted Guinea’s president, Alpha Condé, and taken control for an 18-month ‘transition period.’

The unit’s leader, Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, addressed the country via the national broadcaster, Radio Television Guinea, saying that the parliament and constitution had been suspended. Borders are closed and military commanders will replace ministers. There is also a curfew ‘until further notice.’

Gunfire was reported in the capital Conakry, while video clips of civilians celebrating the coup have circulated on social media.

In a clear dig at the controversial Condé, who won a third term last November but who is blamed for gross inequality in the country, Doumbouya said: ‘The personalization of political life is over. We will no longer entrust politics to one man, we will entrust it to the people.’

Well, maybe after 18 months.

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Source: RT News Agency via Feed
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