What makes a great LiveTube

LiveTube is a trusted news source, therefore whatever goes live must not only be factually correct but also it must be good quality content that convey’s a story. “Good” content educates, entertains and engages users.


Has a purpose:
Ask yourself if it has significance and will it provide valuable and useful information to viewers. Will the information in this story change their lives?

If it is newsworthy content it should impact people in someway, whether it is an emotional reaction or a general knowledge into what is happening in the world. In terms of breaking news it will be something that people will gain from being alerted on. 

Interesting content is key in order to attract the attention of viewers. Have a think of a broad audience and whether they will be engaged or entertained by what you are seeing.


Current news makes a bigger splash than something that happened yesterday. There is always fresh news happening somewhere and it needs to be told quickly before viewers .

 Social media gives us a powerful tool when it comes to measuring what is trending across the world. Utilise these trends seen online to distinguish what is worthwhile content.

While current news content has a use-by date, however people are always going to be interested in the unusual, the new, the exciting or the unknown.

A well-known person, place or event has a stronger news peg than something that the everyday person isn’t familiar with.

Keep it simple:
Focus on one strong storyline, don’t try and pack too much varying content under one umbrella. Have a clear idea on what story you are trying to tell and follow it through to the end.

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