Confronting Misinformation with Real-Time, Verified Storytelling

In an era where misinformation spreads as rapidly as true stories, where with the latest AI developments everyone can manipulate reality to an indistinguishable degree, the team behind LiveTube envisioned a transformative way of news storytelling: unfiltered, real-time, and verified.

Born from the insights of former broadcast journalist Sven Herold, LiveTube is an antidote to the plague of ‘fake news.’ Observing the increasing power of smartphones and the deep human need for authentic information, Sven imagined a platform that could harness this convergence. He saw a world where everyone, regardless of location or language, could become live reporters, sharing real-time narratives and contributing to an inclusive, global news landscape.

Unmasking Fakes: The Power of Live Coverage

The sophistication of AI systems, along with the advances in digital manipulation technologies, has ushered in an era where distinguishing real news from fake can be challenging, if not impossible. Images can be altered, contexts can be manipulated, and even voices can be forged. Social media platforms are flooded with user-generated content, where the lines between fiction and reality blur. Traditional news agencies often struggle to validate the authenticity of incoming content swiftly. In response to this, LiveTube places a strong emphasis on live coverage. Only live images present significant challenges to forgery and manipulation. It’s a means of broadcasting that holds authenticity and presents the unvarnished truth to the viewers. We believe that live coverage is the only way to combat fake news effectively. Any other format of news can be manipulated, but a live video from a verifiable location is significantly more reliable.

Sven and his dedicated team of visionaries, engineers, and journalists painstakingly built LiveTube from the ground up, ensuring it was more than just a prototype – it had to be a fully-formed, safe, and reliable platform before it launched. The dangers of misinformation were too great; there could be no margin for error. This exacting dedication to quality and safety is what sets LiveTube apart.

User-Generated, Verified, Real-Time News on a Global Scale

Every element of LiveTube was meticulously designed. We crafted an innovative app enabling users to ‘Go Live’ and share real-time events with a global audience. To safeguard the integrity of our content, a professional newsroom team was established to monitor, verify, and curate the streams. A state-of-the-art AI and big data system cross-checks every live stream against various data sources, ensuring the credibility of each broadcast. Every live stream operates on a built-in 30-second delay, offering us a crucial window to verify content and intervene if necessary.

In our quest to democratize news and combat misinformation, we chose to launch LiveTube in some of the world’s most spoken languages. However, our commitment goes beyond language. Amid the Russian-Ukraine conflict, we specifically included Ukrainian and Russian languages in our platform, giving a voice to those caught in the war, and offering them an opportunity to share their stories.

LiveTube: Empowering Every Individual

LiveTube leverages the ubiquity of smartphones and harnesses the potential of every individual, turning them into a live reporter. With a global network of everyday people armed with smartphones, LiveTube is setting a new standard for real-time news reporting. From bustling cities to remote locations, anyone, anywhere, can share breaking news as it unfolds.

The Mission: Real News, Real People, Real Time

Our mission is to redefine the way news is gathered and shared, by placing the power of reporting into the hands of the people who are in the heart of the action. We believe that only live content can be validated and verified, that live footage carries an authenticity that simply cannot be faked.

Global Impact: LiveTube’s Real-Time MediaHub

LiveTube’s MediaHub delivers real-time content to broadcasters around the world. Our partners trust our stringent content validation process and know that they receive high-quality, verified live news feeds, ready for immediate broadcasting. The MediaHub offers news agencies a valuable resource for global news coverage.

Our Vision: Democratising News Reporting

We envision a world where news is not just provided by traditional media or influenced by political bias. We aim for a world where every individual can contribute to the global news landscape, a world where news reporting is democratised, and news consumption is diversified.

With LiveTube now fully developed and ready, we are turning our focus to partnerships with news networks worldwide. Our preparatory discussions with technical teams of major broadcasters across Europe, Asia, and the US have laid a solid foundation. We stand ready to provide these networks with real-time, user-generated content that is verified, authentic, and straight from the heart of unfolding events.

The Power of Every Individual’s Story

At LiveTube, we believe in the power of every individual’s story. We’re here to challenge the status quo and revolutionize the way news is shared and received. We stand for authenticity, inclusivity, and the undeniable impact of real-time news. Through LiveTube, users don’t just watch the news – they make it. We understand the time, effort, and courage it takes to share these live streams, and we respect that by paying our LiveTubers for their valuable content.

As we unveil LiveTube to the world, we invite you to be part of this global news revolution. Download the LiveTube app, share your unique perspective, and together, let’s create news that matters. By contributing to LiveTube, you’re not just sharing news; you’re creating valued content that can redefine journalism, shift the paradigm of news reporting, and safeguard the world from the danger of fake news.

Capturing World Stories in Real Time

Empowering Billions to Shape the News Narrative

The rise of smartphones has dramatically reshaped the landscape of journalism, equipping every individual with the potential to become a live reporter. This profound paradigm shift has given birth to some of the most significant stories of our era, captured and relayed by everyday people in extraordinary situations.

Yet, the industry falls short of trusted platforms capable of effectively managing these pivotal moments in live video reporting. This is where LiveTube steps in, bridging 3.5 billion smartphone users to a professional newsroom for their live videos.

An extensive network of over 1000 committed journalists meticulously curates, monitors, and disseminates the content in real time, providing a verified and dependable source of live news. LiveTube is unrivaled in its capability and commitment, standing as the sole app of its kind on a global scale. Moreover, every LiveTuber is valued and compensated for their significant contributions to news reporting.

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Our journalistic principles

Safety First

Safety first | We take the safety of all LiveTubers seriously. If in doubt, we ask them to stop filming, to get to a safe place, and if needed to help others first. See dedicated Guidelines for LiveTubers.


LiveTube is about showing the world what’s going on. We describe pictures and what is happening but we don’t comment or express opinions. We add additional comments or information only when we receive it from trusted sources and after our own additional internal checks. For this reason, LiveTube comes without any chat or commenting functions for the audience in order to control the messaging and to prevent any fake news, hate, or racist content. All descriptions come from the LiveTube newsroom team.

No Fake News

We check every piece of content before we start a live broadcast and monitor the content until it is finished. We even delay our live streams by 30 seconds so that our producers can intervene whenever needed.

Strict Rules

All LiveTube content needs to follow the strict LiveTube Rules. Every user must register and verify both email-address and their mobile number. In order to GO LIVE as a reporter, users have to provide their real-time location data.


We decline many more stories than we broadcast. To ensure the highest standard of quality all of our producers are professional journalists.


Good content is valuable. At LiveTube we pay our reporters for their live filming.

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