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  • Earn Money – Stream live videos and earn money as a broadcaster with the LiveTube app.
LiveTube is the first and only mobile live platform with professional curation. An entirely new approach to news and storytelling. Everyone with a smartphone can GO LIVE directly from their mobile and they get paid. Every video stream will be curated in real time by professional journalists from a cloud-based newsroom. No fake news. Every story is monitored - and it gets live translated into 26 languages. Broadcasters can access all live content from a dedicated media hub. They can also use Live Tube to activate their viewers and readers directly. For companies - Livetube offers tailored solutions for their communication and marketing activities. Combining the power of storytelling, mobile video, smart technology and artificial intelligence will change the market forever. Join the Revolution - Join Live Tube. Closer than live.

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Join the Fight Against Fake News

A digital artwork shows glowing cubes arranged to spell "FAKE" on one side and "FACT" on the other, with a dark background, reminiscent of a LiveTube streaming interface.

At LiveTube, we empower you to report real news and combat the spread of misinformation. Our platform ensures every story is verified and authentic, connecting you with a professional newsroom for real-time guidance. Together, we can make a difference by sharing truthful, impactful news. Join our community of LiveTubers and help us fight against fake news.

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  • Be the News – Share real-time news stories
  • Get Paid – Earn money for your videos.
  • Stay Informed – Get instant breaking news alerts.

Experience an entirely new way of live streaming, become a Live Reporter, and join us in shaping the future of storytelling.

LiveTube has been created by television journalists and is a global news broadcaster.

Your Voice Matters

Speak Up, Share Live News, Inspire the World

With LiveTube, you’ve got the power to make a difference! In a world where everyone’s connected by smartphones, you can share live news and tell the stories that matter. Capture breaking news moments or highlight cool events in your community, and your live streams will reach a global audience and make an impact.

Become a live reporter by capturing and sharing real-time videos of newsworthy events directly from your smartphone. Our platform connects your live streams to a professional newsroom team, ensuring your high-quality, authentic news coverage is broadcast worldwide. Not only will you contribute to global journalism, but you’ll also have the chance to earn money for your impactful stories.

How it works - 3 simple steps

1. Download the LiveTube App

The LiveTube app is free to download on both iOS and Android devices. And when we say free, we mean free. No hidden costs – there is not even an option for in-app purchases.

Create your account and take the first step in your live streaming journey.

2. Go Live with Your Videos

A person holds a smartphone displaying LiveTube, a live reporting app showing a crowded protest scene at Whitehall, Westminster, London. The app indicates the news as "Breaking News" and "Protests escalating.

See something that’s newsworthy?

  • Click on the GO LIVE button in the LiveTube app.
  • Take a photo of the scene.
  • Provide a short description of what’s happening.
  • Choose a category.
  • Start your live stream and GO LIVE.

What makes a good LiveTube
How we choose
Tips for Live Reporters

Make Money Live Streaming

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3. Ensuring Authenticity

A control room with multiple screens displaying various images, computer monitors, control panels, and equipment, indicating a high-tech environment for monitoring and managing LiveTube broadcast content.

Our AI system performs fact and compliance checks on every live stream.

You will be connected with a newsroom producer who reviews and validates your story before it goes live.

This ensures that every piece of news on LiveTube is accurate and reliable.

A person is typing on a laptop displaying LiveTube's live streaming interface, complete with a video feed, chat options, and viewer statistics.

Here is what happens after you click on GO LIVE:

  • Once approved, your live stream is greenlit.
  • Receive real-time guidance from the producer during your stream
  • You just film and describe
  • We research, validate, and add the facts

4. Earn Money Instantly

At LiveTube, we value your contribution as a live news broadcaster, and we believe in rewarding you for it!

As your live stream is approved and published by a LiveTube Producer, you’ll see a real-time money counter within the LiveTube app, showing you how much you’re earning as you broadcast in real-time.

A hand holding a smartphone displays the LIVETUBE app showing a live-stream of a crowded protest scene with flags and smoke in the background. A safety message reads, "Please make sure that you are safe. Don't move closer!
  • Real-Time Earnings: Within the LiveTube app, see your earnings as you broadcast in real-time.
  • Base Payment: Receive a base payment for your live stream.
  • Additional Earnings: Earn more for every minute your story is broadcast by our producers.
  • Increased Earnings: The more compelling your coverage and the more you live stream, the more you can earn!
  • Payment Rates: Find detailed information on payment rates and conditions on our payments page.
  • Instant Payouts: Earnings are paid instantly via PayPal.Payment Page

Make Money Live Streaming

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Broadcast to a Global Audience

Person holding a smartphone showing a LiveTube news broadcast featuring a crowd of people.

Going live on LiveTube maximizes your reach! Your stream is instantly shared on LiveTube’s YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter channels, reaching viewers in real-time. LiveTube partners with global news broadcasters, so your stories could appear on national and international media, gaining you widespread recognition.

Receive Reporter Alerts to Earn Money

Monetize your live news reporting with LiveTube. Enable location access and alerts to receive notifications about breaking news nearby. When alerted, capture live videos of the event and earn money for your contributions. Inform viewers globally and become a key part of real-time news coverage while getting paid for your live streams.

Watch Live and Breaking News

Choose your favorite news categories, set a radius for your local news, subscribe to alerts and explore upcoming and scheduled live streams. With the latest news selected by our LiveTube Newsroom, you stay up to date on global news and the latest live and breaking news videos.

Different from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok

Controlled, Curated, Safe

Why LiveTube is Unique: Revolutionizing Live News Broadcasting

Beyond Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube Live

LiveTube is more than just another social media platform—it’s a revolutionary experience that’s redefining the way live news is shared and consumed. Our mission goes beyond simply broadcasting videos; we’re empowering citizen journalists, delivering real-time news coverage, and creating a global community that values authenticity and integrity.

We aspire to revolutionize the way live news is reported, shared, and consumed around the globe. Here’s what drives us:

Empowering Citizen Journalists

Unlike Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and TikTok, LiveTube connects smartphone users directly with a professional newsroom. This transforms billions of people into live cameramen, enabling them to become real-time reporters. Our platform empowers individuals to capture and share unfolding events while broadcasting breaking news to a worldwide audience.

A Vision for Real-Time Reporting

Our vision at LiveTube is to create a space where anyone can contribute to the world of news as an influential live news broadcaster. We believe in the power of real-time reporting and are committed to offering a platform where individuals are valued, rewarded, and celebrated.

Authenticity Over Fake News

We prioritize accuracy and authenticity. Our team of professional journalists verifies each story from a global cloud-based newsroom, delivering credible information via subtitles and a news ticker. Every live broadcast has a 30-second delay, allowing producers to intervene if necessary. We enforce strict rules to prevent fake news, hate, and racist content. Committed to unbiased reporting, we show the world what's happening without opinions or comments. With LiveTube, you can trust the news you see and share is genuine—no fake news, no manipulation.

Make Money Live Streaming

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No Distractions, Just News

At LiveTube, we prioritize journalistic integrity and authentic news. Eliminating social media distractions, we focus on the heart of the story. Our users film and describe what they see, while our producers ensure accuracy with fact-checking and research. Subtitles and a news ticker deliver unfiltered news. A 40-second delay allows for crucial intervention if necessary. Operating as a TV broadcaster, we strive for global accessibility with real-time translations. With LiveTube, you get pure, unbiased news.

Contributing to the World of News Reporting

LiveTube offers an entirely new way of live streaming, shaping the future of storytelling. By enabling users to contribute to news reporting, we're democratizing access to information and giving a voice to communities worldwide.

Your Safety is Our Priority

At LiveTube, we deeply care about the safety of our LiveTubers as well as those on the ground. We watch over each live stream to ensure the well-being of both the person filming and others involved. If there's any danger, we'll ask our LiveTubers to stop filming, find a safe spot, and help others if they can. In addition, we have the utmost respect for emergency services and first responders who work tirelessly in critical situations. We provide clear guidelines to prevent interference with their important work. We'll ask our LiveTubers to stop filming also, If there's any danger or risk of hindering emergency response efforts. With LiveTube, you can trust that safety always comes first, and the work of emergency services is respected and valued.
Patents and Trademarks
Live Producers

Make Money Live Streaming

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Nervous About Broadcasting Live News? LiveTube is Here to Help!

Empowering You with Personalized Assistance and a Supportive Community

A hand holding a smartphone records people walking and talking at an event. The phone screen shows a LiveTube video feed in progress, capturing the scene with purple lighting in the background.

At LiveTube, we’re dedicated to supporting you every step of the way on your live news broadcasting journey. Whether you’re just getting started or already an experienced live streamer, you can count on us to guide you through the entire process, from filming to broadcasting. You’re never alone—we’re here to answer your questions, provide personalized assistance, and ensure you feel confident and empowered as a LiveTuber. Explore our Frequently Asked Questions for quick answers or reach out to us directly via LiveTube Chat for real-time support. If you’re a member of the press, media, or a news broadcaster, you can find more information on our Media page.

Engage, Learn, and Grow: The LiveTube Forum and Upcoming LiveTube Academy

Join our vibrant community on the LiveTube Forum, where citizen journalists and news enthusiasts come together to discuss live video content, news topics, and live streams. Exchange ideas, ask questions, and learn from others who share your passion. And get excited for the upcoming LiveTube Academy, our future learning platform offering classes and training on smartphone filming, journalism, storytelling, and best practices. Sharpen your skills and become a pro at live reporting through our interactive courses and expert-led sessions.

A Collaborative Community: Celebrating Your Contributions and Shaping the Future of Live News

You don’t have to worry—we’re committed to guiding you, celebrating your unique contributions, and helping you succeed as a live news broadcaster.

With LiveTube, you’re part of a supportive and collaborative community that’s shaping the future of live news. Together, let’s make a difference and create a world where news is authentic, accessible, and empowering. Join LiveTube today!

Ready to Make a Positive Impact on the World of Live News?

Join the LiveTube Movement: Be a Part of the Live News Revolution

LiveTube is more than just another social media platform—it’s a revolutionary experience that’s redefining the way live news is shared and consumed. Our mission goes beyond simply broadcasting videos; we’re empowering citizen journalists, delivering real-time news coverage, and creating a global community that values authenticity and integrity.

LiveTube is dedicated to revolutionizing news reporting by empowering citizen journalists to share real-time, authentic news. We are committed to fighting fake news by verifying every live stream using AI, reporter location, device information, third-party sources, and our advanced newsroom technology. Our team of professional journalists ensures that every broadcast is credible and impactful.

We aspire to revolutionize the way live news is reported, shared, and consumed around the globe. Here’s what drives us:

Become a Trailblazer in the Future of News Broadcasting

LiveTube is more than just a combination of traditional journalism and cutting-edge technology—it’s a vibrant community on a mission to revolutionize live news broadcasting on a global scale. By joining us, you’ll become part of a collective effort to shape the narrative of news with authenticity and integrity.

Ignite Change Through the Power of Your Stories

Capture breathtaking moments, bear witness to historic events, and report on critical situations as they unfold. With LiveTube, your voice will reach audiences around the world, and your stories will have the power to inform and inspire.

A smartphone screen displays a live broadcast on LiveTube, showing a person holding a flag in front of a burning building at night. Text on screen says, "You are now live worldwide! Please keep filming.

Embrace Your Role in Redefining Live Journalism

Embark on your journey as a live news broadcaster and experience the excitement of being part of something bigger. With LiveTube, you have the opportunity to contribute to a world where news is authentic, accessible, and empowering—a world where every voice matters.

Join Our Visionary Community and Shape the Global Narrative

Download the LiveTube App today and become part of the LiveTube news team. Together, we’ll change the world of live news for the better. Your voice, your story, your impact—let’s create the future of news reporting with LiveTube. Join us today.

LiveTube - The new Live App

Make Money Live Video Streaming – Watch Breaking News Live

Our Journalistic Principles - Fight Against Fake News

Safety first | We take the safety of all LiveTubers seriously. If in doubt, we ask them to stop filming, to get to a safe place, and if needed to help others first. See dedicated Guidelines for LiveTubers.

Independent | LiveTube is about showing the world what’s going on. We describe pictures and what is happening but we don’t comment or express opinions. We add additional comments or information only when we receive it from trusted sources and after our own additional internal checks. For this reason, LiveTube comes without any chat or commenting functions for the audience in order to control the messaging and to prevent any fake news, hate, or racist content. All descriptions come from the LiveTube newsroom team.

No Fake News | We check every piece of content before we start a live broadcast and monitor the content until it is finished. We even delay our live streams by 30 seconds so that our producers can intervene whenever needed.

Paid |  Good content is valuable. At LiveTube we pay our reporters for their live filming.

Quality | We decline many more stories than we broadcast. To ensure the highest standard of quality all of our producers are professional journalists.

Strict rules | All LiveTube content needs to follow the strict LiveTube Rules. Every user must register and verify both email-address and their mobile number. In order to GO LIVE as a reporter, users have to provide their real-time location data.

Members of The Press

Close-up of a row of video cameras on tripods, set up for recording LiveTube, with blurred people in the background.

Members of the press, broadcasters, and other professional publishers can access LiveTube content through a dedicated platform, called the LiveTube MediaHub. On this platform, you can find:

our live feeds, which you can use directly in your control room and program
short 20-second VOD clips already during the live stream. You may want to use these for your breaking news program, on your social platforms or any other distribution channels.
– a recording of the entire clip immediately after our broadcast for you to download.
– All LIVE and VOD material is provided in 16:9 HD 1080p resolution. Our live streams are provided as HLS streams.

Please visit the dedicated Media page for more information

Stream Live, Make the News & Earn Cash

Do you want to make money easily and quickly?
Do you want to become famous?
Do you want to help change the news landscape?

Then LiveTube is right for you!

Grab your smartphone, start filming and earn money!