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Make Money As A LiveTuber

The LiveTube App enables everyone to become a reporter. Go Live with your smartphone and send us exciting stories and breaking news.

Our team of professional journalists will check every livestream and put you in front of viewers around the globe. Plus you get paid when we decide to broadcast you – guaranteed!


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The New Place To Follow Stories Unfolding

Closer Than Live

Our team is committed to bring WHAT you want to see WHEN you need to see it. Let us alert you about important news or watch the latest stories when it is convenient for you. Choose your favourite topics, categories and LiveTubers simply in the app. You decide if and how you want to be alerted when something happens. LiveTube comes free of charge – and even better, you can make money with a good story!

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No Costs. No Fake. No Clutter.

A Unique Approach

Clear Rules. Strictly Controlled. Professionally Curated.


Human experience paired with smart technology.


All live content is 30 seconds delayed allowing our producers to interfere.


No chat. Only professional descriptions.


All LiveTube content needs to follow the strict LiveTube Rules


All content is published in a controlled and 24/7 supervised environment.


No opinions. Only content descriptions and  facts.

LiveTube Producer

A New Way To Curate Live Content. From A Global Virtual Newsroom.

We work with journalists from around the world. Our team represents professionals with a diverse background – coming from different cultures and speaking multiple languages. We want to guarantee a consistent high quality approach to local and global stories. Every shift is supervised by senior producers, executive producers and ultimately steered by a chief editor. We are constantly looking for media professionals to join our team. Keep checking our job page for openings.

LiveTube Broadcaster

No Chat. No Flying Hearts. Straight To Your Control Room.

In the future the first reporter at the scene could possibly be a LiveTube reporter. Following this the first live pictures would be coming from LiveTube. We want to make our content available to everyone. For this reason, we have created a dedicated platform for broadcasters and publishers. From this platform you can take livestreams directly into your control room or embed them into your website or blog. Every content piece comes from our producer hub. It is fully curated, meets all broadcast standards and comes as a clean-feed. No chat – No Flying Hearts.

Access to the LiveTube Media Hub is restricted to broadcaster and publishing professionals.

Media Registration

LiveTube Partner

We would love to work with you!

If you are a celebrity, artist, professional musician, famous rock climber, social influencer or in any other way recognised by the public for a unique skill, then we should talk. We are especially interested in people who are working regularly in the public space and who serve large audiences. If you are connected to large events or topics of interest, e.g. paparazzi, blogger or talent agent – we want to hear from you. Everyone can suggest and request LiveTubes as well.

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If you are a corporate, a public club, a charity or just a great team with an amazing story to tell, then let’s bring you on LiveTube. We are especially looking for behind the scenes stories – a real sneak peek into the never before seen – and this is all live as a global series. Explore the potentials in a story brainstorm with our producers.  Or you might want to advertise with us. We offer a protected environment for your important brand assets and key messaging.

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