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Free access to LiveTube content during the initial launch.

Members of the press, broadcasters, and other professional publishers can access LiveTube content through a dedicated platform called the LiveTube MediaHub*.

You can find

  • our live feeds on this platform. You can use them directly in your control room and program
  • short 20-second VOD clips already during the live stream. You may want to use these for your breaking news program, social platforms, or any other distribution channels.
  • a recording of the entire clip immediately after our broadcast for you to download.

All LIVE and VOD material is provided in 16:9 HD 1080p resolution. Our live streams are provided as HLS streams.

Media Registration

*Access to the LiveTube Media Hub is restricted to broadcaster and publishing professionals. Usage is guided by the  LiveTube Media License

A new approach to Citizen Journalism

1.500 professional journalists curate user-generated content in realtime.

Our team monitors, supervise, and produces incoming news from the public 24/7. Each team consists of experienced journalists and represents professionals with a diverse background – coming from different cultures and speaking multiple languages. Our shifts follow the sun and time-zones. To guarantee a consistent, high-quality approach to all local and global stories, every time shift is supervised by senior producers, executive producers and ultimately steered by a chief editor. By the end of 2021, we plan to expand the team to 1.500 producers. Should you be interested in joining us, please visit our job page for the latest openings and detailed job descriptions.

Why is LiveTube content unique?

User-generated LIVE content safe to use

Journalists & Technology

In contrast to other user-generated content platforms, all LiveTube content is curated by professional journalists before it gets published. Their work is supported by smart technology, such as artificial intelligence and big data processing.  Citizen journalist guidance

Delayed Content

All live content is 30 seconds delayed allowing our producers to intervene at any moment of the broadcast. They guide the reporters in realtime and always have the option to end the broadcast or to overlay the images with a neutral emergency stream.

No commenting

LiveTube comes without any chat or commenting functions for the audience in order to control the messaging and to prevent any fake news, hate, or racist content. All descriptions come from the LiveTube newsroom team.

Safety first

We take the safety of all LiveTubers seriously. If in doubt, we ask them to stop filming, to get to a safe place, and if needed to help others first. See dedicated Guidelines for LiveTubers.

Strict rules

All LiveTube content needs to follow the strict LiveTube Rules. Every user must register and verify both email-address and their mobile number. In order to GO LIVE as a reporter, users have to provide their real-time location data.

Safe to watch

All content is published in a controlled and 24/7 supervised environment. We work together with the authorities and report users when they are in breach of applicable laws. More on how we choose LiveTubes.

Content ownership

Every LiveTuber gets paid. LiveTube owns all of its content.


LiveTube is about showing the world what’s going on. We describe pictures and what is happening but we don’t comment or express opinions. We add additional comments or information only when we receive it from trusted sources and after our own additional internal checks.


LiveTube is opening an own LiveAcademy where the company trains its Live Producers and TCLs (Time Zone Leads). We will also offer free training sessions to reporters from the public on how and what to film with their smartphones.

LiveTube Content

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LiveTube Reporter

The LiveTube Go Live Button in YOUR app!

Engage with your viewers and listeners in a new way. Make them part of the program and let them contribute to the news as LIVE reporters. We work with your app developers to integrate the LiveTube GO LIVE function into your app, in your corporate design and based on your needs.

We deliver the content directly into your CMS or to your newsroom for immediate usage on all platforms.