Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum length of a video?

There is no minimum or maximum length, as long as what you are reporting is interesting and relevant.


How do I get paid?

You will get paid straight after the streaming is over via email.


How do you use my location?

Location Info


What happens when my stream breaks?
When the stream breaks down due to technical reasons (e.g. signal strength) you will have the option to reconnect to your producer as soon as your network is back. Alternatively you can initiate a new stream.


What happens if the producer doesn’t choose my story?

If the producer doesn’t choose you it means that your stream has not been chosen to be broadcasted. There can be several reasons for this.


When is the video over?
The video will be over when the producer decides to shut you down because the story came to a natural end or when you ended the filming on your device.


Why there are 30 seconds delays in the streaming?

The 30 seconds delay is due to the fact that for safety and ethical reasons the producer will see what happens live first, and will be able to stop in time the streaming, if he thinks that the material shown is not safe.


Why did the screen turn blue with music?

The screen turned blue with music because the producer decided to block the picture. There could be many different reasons for that. Find out more in the tips section.


What happens if my Internet connection is very bad?

If the Internet connection is very bad, the pubic will only hear the audio of the streaming.


Can I film people in the street?
Yes you can film people in the street if you are reporting a topic of public interest.


Will I be able to download my videos?
You will not be able to download the videos, but you can always watch them in Settings -> “My LiveTubes”. From there and in “Watch Live” you can also share your videos with others.


Will I still get money if I’m not been taken as a broadcast?
No you wont be paid if you are not been chosen as a producer.


What is the minimum age I can take videos?
The minimum age is 14 years old.


Why can I not talk with my producer?

You cannot talk to your producer because it is more important to focus on the images you are shooting. You are the reporter.


Can I send messages to friends while shooting?

No you cannot send messages to other people while shooting.


What are LiveTube series?

LiveTube series are a feature that allows you, if you’ve been accepted, to create you personal series based on multiple episodes.


Why do I need to provide my phone number and email address?

We take the authenticiy  of our LiveTubers seriously. For this reason we verify both their email and mobile number. Only with this approach can we assure a safe environment for LiveTube. You can also find more information in our privacy section.


What are favourites?

With favourites you will choose from a selection of 16 different categories your favourite subjects and you will also have the possibility to have live alerts when new videos pop up.

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