How we choose LiveTubes

We receive a lot of great LiveTubes every day, however we can’t take everyone’s content. Our producers are trained to only accept streams based on clear internal guidelines. This includes our LiveTube rules, but there might be other factors affecting why we haven’t chosen your story for broadcast.

Here are some common reasons and examples which might be a reason we did

  • Violation of LiveTube rules
  • Description wasn’t clear enough
  • Topic not relevant enough
  • Already a influx of similar content, or we already have enough content covering this topic
  • We are concerned about your safety
  • We are concerned about the safety and well-doing of others around you
  • We do not tolerate when you obstruct the work of emergency services
  • We cannot validate your story

There might also be technical difficulties.

  • Picture too dark
  • Signal not strong enough
  • Sound not sufficient
  • Poor visibility 

And finally – it might just have been your story.
What actually makes great LiveTubes? Learn more in our Tips for LiveTubers.