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LiveTube is the first and only mobile live platform with professional curation. An entirely new approach to news and storytelling. Everyone with a smartphone can GO LIVE directly from their mobile and they get paid. Every video stream will be curated in real time by professional journalists from a cloud-based newsroom. No fake news. Every story is monitored - and it gets live translated into 26 languages. Broadcasters can access all live content from a dedicated media hub. They can also use Live Tube to activate their viewers and readers directly. For companies - Livetube offers tailored solutions for their communication and marketing activities. Combining the power of storytelling, mobile video, smart technology and artificial intelligence will change the market forever. Join the Revolution - Join Live Tube. Closer than live.

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A digital artwork shows glowing cubes arranged to spell "FAKE" on one side and "FACT" on the other, with a dark background, reminiscent of a LiveTube streaming interface.

At LiveTube, we empower you to report real news and combat the spread of misinformation. Our platform ensures every story is verified and authentic, connecting you with a professional newsroom for real-time guidance. Together, we can make a difference by sharing truthful, impactful news. Join our community of LiveTubers and help us fight against fake news.

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