LiveTube MediaHub

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Controlled and monitored

User generated content delivered from a global newsroom

Broadcaster and Publishing Professionals have access to the LiveTube MediaHub. From this platform you can take livestreams directly into your control room or embed them into your website or blog. Every content piece comes from our producer hub. It is fully curated, meets all broadcast standards and comes as a clean-feed. No chat – No Flying Hearts.

Direct connection with the live reporter

30 seconds delayed livestream

Our producers are connected with the reporters from the public for the entire duration of the broadcast. They provide guidance, enforce our strict LiveTube Rules and constantly monitor the incoming content. We delay every livestream by 30 seconds, so that our producers can switch to a neutral emergency stream In case of any inappropriate content. Our producers also have a direct communication line to the reporters and can steer them professionally.

LiveTube MediaHub

Straight To Your Control Room


Take livestreams directly into your control room


24/7 access to curated livestreams from around the world


Download earlier livestreams directly to your systems

Live Snippets

Download snippet recordings for your social channels


Receive instant alerts from the LiveTube Global Newsroom


Browse upcoming livestreams and scheduled events

Access to the LiveTube Media Hub is restricted to broadcaster and publishing professionals.

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