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[Sticky] User ranks and badges | How to become a moderator

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Live Forum Ranks


Ranks and how to achieve them

We want the LiveForum to be the go-to place for everything related to LIVE. This can be content, storytelling, gadgets, technologies, market trends, general developments, and innovation in the live market space. 

In order to make this a vibrant community we introduce user ranks.

Based on actions within the forum members can earn and lose points.

Every new member starts as a LiveTuber with an amount of 100 points. 
You can then climb the ladder up to the top and even achieve the rank of a LiveForum Managing Partner.

We will reach out to members and grant moderator responsibilities for certain forum parts or specific content. 
Members at least need to achieve the rank of a LiveForum Presenter to be considered.


LiveForum Point system

Here is the list of how members earn and lose points for certain actions.
We might have to amend this list over time. However, members will always keep the points they have achieved until a change is announced.

Action Points Earned Points deducted
Registration 100  
Anniversary (per year) 500  
Daily visit 10  
Viewing post 5  
Viewing LiveTube page 5  
Login 10 (limit one per day)  
Publishing posts (per post) 10  
Approved comment 10  
Post-Author replies to comment 10  
Spam Comments   -50
Trashed Comments   -20
Clicking on link 5 (once for each link)  
Like 5 (limit 50 per day)  
Vote up 5 (limit 50 per day)  
Add poll 25  
Delete Poll   -25
Poll voting 5 (limit 20 per day)


File for download:



The different ranks you can achieve


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