Watch Now: Spectacular Trooping the Colour 2024 Flypast Video from a Unique South West London Perspective

London witnessed a spectacular aerial display today as the annual Trooping the Colour flypast celebrated King Charles III’s official birthday. The Red Arrows, the Royal Air Force’s elite aerobatic team, delivered a breathtaking performance, captured from a unique vantage point in South West London.


The flypast began at RAF Waddington and featured a diverse array of aircraft, including Chinooks, Typhoons, the Voyager, and the A400M Atlas. The formation soared over key London landmarks, ultimately passing over Buckingham Palace, where the royal family watched from the balcony. This year’s event was especially notable for the Princess of Wales’ first public appearance following recent health news, accompanied by her three children.

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Trooping the Colour is a long-standing tradition involving over 1,400 soldiers, 200 horses, and 400 musicians. The grand military parade culminates in the eagerly awaited flypast, a highlight for both attendees and viewers around the world. For aviation enthusiasts, the flypast showcased a blend of classic and modern military aircraft, performing coordinated maneuvers and creating impressive visual patterns against London’s skyline.

The Red Arrows, in particular, executed precise aerobatic displays, leaving their signature red, white, and blue smoke trails.